Product Management in a Nutshell

I think the best thing that happened to me today was that Will Hsu (eBay Product Marketing) found my blog. I say that because it allowed me to discover his blog in return.

While it appears the entire blog is filled with both entertaining tidbits and truly insightful commentary, I was most excited by Will’s collection of writings and thoughts on Product Management.

While I haven’t had a chance to read everything Will has written on the subject of Product Management, I did come across a reference to another particularly impressive discussion of the art of Product Management.

This reference is to a blog post by Ken Norton, VP of Product for JotSpot, and former Director of Product Management at Yahoo!. In the post, Ken offers a Powerpoint deck that he presented at the Haas School of Business. Not only is the presentation one of the most effective I’ve seen in a long time (as Will points out, he uses the presentation to effectively “straddle the line between ‘argument’ and ‘conversation’”), but it is probably one of the most clear and concise writings on the basics of how to be a great PM.

If you’re a PM, and have less than 100 years experience under your belt, I’d bet you’ll find it worth your time to read…

It’s Been Awhile

I guess by now you’ve noticed that I haven’t blogged in several months. While there are many reasons for this, the biggest is that while I most enjoy blogging about technology and business analysis relating to my job and the industry, there have been a number of recent work changes that have made it a little more difficult to write publically about the stuff I’m interested in writing about…

In the interest in getting back to blogging, I’m going to start writing more on non-work topics (including more poker-related posts, as those seem to get a lot of positive feedback from those of you reading my blog.

I hope you find some of it interesting, and perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to get back to blogging about work-related topics in the near future…