Tellme by Voice

Okay, once final product announcement from Tellme this week…

I already mentioned our Tellme by Text (business search via SMS) and Tellme by Mobile (business search, restaurant reviews, etc by downloaded mobile app)…but what if you like the interface provided by 411 directory assistance, you just don’t like the fees?

Now there’s Tellme by Voice, a business search service that works just like 411, but completely free!

Just dial 1-800-555-TELL from any phone to get to Tellme’s information search service. For many years now, this automated voice-response service has provided a range of real-time information, from stock quotes, to sports scores, to news, to movie listings.

Well, we have now added business search (i.e., 411 directory assistance) to the mix!

From the main menu at 1-800-555-TELL, just say “Business Search” to be taken to the automated 411 application. From there, follow the voice prompts and get the information you’re looking for, without paying the ridiculous 411 fees. My favorite feature of Tellme by Voice is the ability to have the application SMS you the information you were looking for, to save for future use.

Tellme by Text

I wrote about Tellme by Mobile in my last post, and also mentioned our Tellme by Text service. Well, Tellme by Text has a really cool new feature - maps to your cell phone!

Tellme by Text allows you to SMS a business search query to TELLM (83556) from any wireless device that supports SMS messaging. For example, you can SMS “Cheesecake Factory 95014? to 83556 and receive address and phone information about the various Cheesecake Factory restaurants in and around the 95014 area code. Additionally, the text message response will include a link to a map of the location scaled down to your mobile device.

You no-longer have to pay those ridiculous fees for 411 directory assistance…

Tellme by Mobile

I’m coming out of blog retirement to plug a really cool new product from Tellme (the company I work for)…

Have you ever been away from your computer, but want to get business info, phone numbers, maps, driving directions, etc? You could use one of the available SMS services (including Tellme’s “Tellme by Text“– just SMS a business name and zip to TELLM), but wouldn’t it be easier to make the request using voice, and receive the responses via SMS?

This is now possible using the beta version of Tellme’s “Tellme by Mobile” voice-search application.

To get the application, or to learn more, go here. . Alternatively, you can point your mobile browser to

And, if you just want to skip to what Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) has to say, go here…

And if you like it or have any suggestions, let us know or blog about it yourself…